Large Mouth Bass Fishing
in the heart of Central Florida

  • Private Spring-Fed Lake
  • 1,300 Acre Ranch
  • Professional Guides
  • Located near Orlando, FL
  • Record breaking large mouth bass
Bass Fishing Near Orlando, FL
Private bass fishing charters for trophy bass.
Scorpion Lake at Promise Ranch is the spring fed home to MONSTER bass.

Rock Pit Bass Fishing

Promise Ranch offers the best in record breaking bass fishing and guided hunting in Central Florida!

Even pros, like Roland Martin and Bass Pro Jason Quinn, know that fishing at Promise Ranch is among the finest anywhere. In fact, Jason Quinn broke the record for the largest bass ever caught on film, 13.3 pounds, while on a day out on our lake.

What do Bass Pros think about Promise Ranch?

“Promise Ranch is by far the best place I’ve ever been!”
Bass Pro Jason Quinn
“The name speaks for itself, Promise Ranch. I promise you you’re gonna catch big fish. I promise you’re gonna catch a lot of fish.”
Bass Pro Bobby Lane
“I’m here to tell you, there are some GIANTS swimming in this pond of water.”
Bass Pro Boyd Duckett
“Come here to Promise Ranch, it is absolutely unbelievable!”
North American Fisherman